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Lanny Forrester on Conservative Republicanism

Lanny ForresterThese days there seems to be a lot of confusion within the Republican Party on what our values should be and what exactly it is for which we stand. Lanny Forrester believes there is a simple way of looking at things, and that developing a clear idea of our values is an important step that conservatives should take.

Lanny Forrester sees conservative republicanism as a useful prism through which to view history and the world at large. Conservatism values heritage, liberty, and traditional values. These principles aren’t tantamount to clinging to the past, no matter what some liberals accuse. Lanny Forrester has stressed that conservatives value tradition because tradition tends to work. It worked for over 150 years, bringing the United States to world superpower status in a relatively short time. If there was something inherently wrong with conservative ideas, Lanny Forrester feels like there would be more evidence of their failure throughout history. Quite to the contrary, conservative republicanism or its equivalent has been a philosophical component of nearly every wealthy nation’s rise to prominence in modern history.


On the opposite side, extreme liberal ideology often goes astray. Lanny Forrester has pointed out more than once how the Soviet Union was built upon the ultimate distillation of liberal ideals. The Soviet Union was a large, powerful nation that had every opportunity prove conservative republicanism wrong. The USSR would have liked nothing more than to so. It failed miserably, however, at the same time that the United States prospered by employing conservative values. Lanny Forrester considers this perhaps the best example of how a contrast in ideology can make or break a nation. He believes that those willing to ignore these lessons from history may be ill suited to lead the United States.


All other arguments aside, conservative republicanism made the country thrive for nearly two centuries. Those within the Republican Party so eager to discard these values for easy, temporary votes should perhaps consider Lanny Forrester and his argument. After all, what is the value in a vote if you are simply going to snub the citizens that cast it in the first place?


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